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Every year there’s a new weight loss diet or two that everyone’s trying, and 2015 will be no different. In 2014, the Paleo Diet, 5:2 Diet and Quit Sugar Diet gained momentum and ended up among the most popular diets. These will continue to be popular in 2015, but beyond that, who knows.

Dietitians are sceptical of all three of these diets and similar fad diets like Atkins, South Beach, Cabbage Soup Diet, Detox Diet, etc., etc., etc. which are still around in one guise or another.

In addition to new fad diets for 2015, like the 8 Hour Diet and Cheat Yourself Thin Diet, the most popular weight loss programs are reinventing themselves for 2015 too. Examples of this include Impromy, the replacement for both the CSIRO total wellbeing diet and Celebrity Slim, and the revamped Tony Ferguson weight loss for life program. Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers will surely be trying to reinvent themselves as well, and we’re sure to see some more companies trying to copy Lite’n Easy.

Meanwhile the new Healthy Eating Guidelines promoted by the Australian Government and Dietitians Association of Australia will mostly be ignored in favour of the quick fix diets that are promoted on A Current Affair and Dr Oz. What a shame.

Diet Popularity

To be “popular” these days, a diet needs the right combination of:

  1. Celebrity or Media Endorsement
  2. An interesting New Hook or Theory
  3. Evil food(s) to blame for our increasing rates of Obesity

To be sustainable, diets also need:

  1. To be Convenient and Easy to Follow
  2. Include Food and Drinks people Enjoy
  3. Help people Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Diet Evolutions

Many of the new diets we’ll see in 2015 are just copies of other popular diets but with an interesting twist or two.

The Cheat Yourself Thin Diet is a good example of this. It’s basically an intermittent fasting diet like the 5:2 diet, but the celebrity “author” of this new diet has slightly tweaked the sequence of the lower calorie days and renamed them ‘cheat’ days. Neither of these are new concepts.

In 2005/06, one of the most popular diets in Australia was the Tony Ferguson weight loss program which was based on meal replacement shakes. Again, the “inventor” of this program, a chemist from Sydney, copied existing meal replacement shake programs, with two distinct advantages, he made good tasting shakes and offered support in the form of naturopaths initially and later pharmacy sales assistants that had a day of weight loss training to become “weight loss consultants”.

The underlying theory of the Tony Ferguson program was that restricting carbs in the diet encouraged the body to go into a state of ketosis, where the body burns fat instead of carbs. The new Tony Ferguson weight loss for life program has ditched this theory and no longer relies on ketosis, which had side effects like constipation, bad breath and headaches and wasn’t sustainable.

After a short while, Tony Ferguson members got sick of consultations with “consultants” who knew very little about weight loss and soon ran out of things to talk about during the consultations. In response, the chemists selling Tony Ferguson products allowed members to buy shakes without consultation.

The new TF program for 2014/15 is trying hard to make members to do consultations but in doing so they have pushed away most of its most loyal members. Consultations for many people are just too inconvenient, and who needs a sixteen year old sales assistant, or “weight loss consultant” whose overweight themselves to be telling you what you should be doing to lose weight?

The Tony Ferguson program is now far too complicated, isn’t available everywhere because it’s pharmacy only and restricted to only a few stores nationally, and the shakes don’t taste like they used to, primarily because of the use of new artificial sweeteners and increased protein (protein doesn’t taste particularly nice and like vitamins and minerals need sweeteners to mask their taste.

Speaking of Tony Ferguson and the evolution of diets, there’s a new weight loss program that also takes advantage of vitamin and mineral fortified, high protein diet shakes, with a simple healthy eating plan that can be ordered online at a price much cheaper than Tony Ferguson that rivals the price of Aldi Diet Shakes (but is delivered to your door), and taste better than Tony Ferguson shakes. This new range of shakes and diet program is called Oh-So-Simple.

The Oh-So-Simple weight loss program uses the convenience of shakes with easy to prepare healthy meals to produce a diet that is tasty, easy and flexible.

Unlike other shake programs, like Tony Ferguson and Optifast, the Oh-So-Simple diet doesn’t have you drinking three or even two shakes a day for breakfast, lunch or dinner only to feel hungry an hour later. Instead, it combines shakes with real food so you feel full and satisfied for hours. You can even enjoy the shakes in between meals to replace coffees and afternoon snacks at mid-morning, mid-afternoon and after dinner.

The Oh-So-Simple diet plans gives you a range of meal options, supported by an array of seasonal recipes that are as delicious as they are easy to prepare.

Like the Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines recommend, the Oh-So-Simple doesn’t advocated eliminating total food groups, like carbs or fat, and promotes fresh clean eating combined with the convenience of vitamin and mineral fortified shakes that taste great and can be enjoyed anywhere.

In addition, there’s no membership fees, no consultations and no inconvenience of having to visit stores like you do on the Tony Ferguson, Optifast and Impromy programs.

We’re pretty sure you won’t see the Oh-So-Simple program on A Current Affair or Dr Oz, it doesn’t have any celebrity endorsements, no hooks or links to cavemen or label foods as evil and to blame for our growing weight problems, so it may not be the most popular diet for 2015.

But it is convenient and easy to follow, includes food and drinks people enjoy, and most importantly helps people lose weight and keep it off, so should be sustainable.

Good luck with your weight loss and thanks for visiting

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